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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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steve: all you need to know for your early. alison: abandoned as babies, reunited as sisters. >> hi! alison: 7 on your side brings you the meeting 43 years in the making. first, a stormwatch 7 weather alert. it is starting to come down, but the heavy stuff is hours away. alison: we may be looking at a messy commute. steve: it will be a high impact on the early morning friday commute, starting at 3 a.m. heavy rain continuing not only for the morning but into noontime. brain has overspread the entire metro area. go,ou have anywhere to leave extra time because the roadways are wet.
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towards the north and east. leesburg, manassas, gaithersburg, the district, heavier rain in the next hour or two. heavy rain 3 a.m. until 9 a.m. 1, 2 inches of rain by the time this system moves out. through the afternoon, don't be surprised if a few thunderstorms pop up, highs in the middle 70's. than a cool down for the weekend. more on that, plus looking ahead to the next 10 days coming up. jonathan: stay connected when it is raining. although the team on facebook, twitter,, and download the stormwatch app. scene ofe are on the breaking news in manassas, where crews are responding to a big house fire. jay korff is live with a response going on right now. jay? jay:
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it was an inferno and the neighbor just showed us this. take a look at this towering inferno as the fire occurred at about 7 p.m. we are going to zoom into the house. insideere two families at the time, including young children, who escaped with their lives. injuries, smoke inhalation, but it is miraculous 's were lost. everybody is grateful that everybody got out with their lives. the cause of the fire officially remains under investigation. manassas, several people escaped with their lives and are grateful this evening. jay korff, abc 7 news. on terrorto the war come and a new warning for truck and bus companies. tsa is alerting them to watch out for terrorists who may be planning to ram trucks into people or buildings. among the
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attack in nice, france, that killed 80 people during a bastille day celebration. alison: we are waiting to find out the identity of a body found in the woods. in ans body was found area of berwyn heights behind in elementary school. the police say it was foul play. we will bring you information as soon as we learn it. coachan: a soccer arrested out on the field come accused of inappropriately touching a seven-year-old player, and now there are concerns there may be other victims. tom roussey has the investigation from montgomery village. coach wasoccer arrested on this field behind me yesterday. it was also allegedly on this field where he is accused of doing these things two years ago. >> he seemed like a normal guy, normal coach. tom: the
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are shocked by miguel flores' arrest. both of their sons played for flores four years ago. during the time i sons played for him, i saw him as a good coach. i never could have imagined what happened yesterday. >> he was a good coach. he would have a good conversation with each player to have their head in the game. court documents say multiple times in 2015, flores would put his barehands under the then-seven-year-old girl's shirt, fondling her. he told her it was a secret and not to tell other people. >> there may be other victims. tom: flores coaches for the salvadoran soccer academy, a club that plays in the soccer association of montgomery. he is well-known in soccer circles. i'm sincerely surprised by this news. flores was
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way park as recently as last night when he was arrested. the head of the soccer association of montgomery said he has not been a coach since november. reporting in montgomery village, tom roussey, abc 7 news. into the this just newsroom, number of facing a criminal investigation by the justice department, being accused of using a software tool to help drivers work in areas where uber has not been approved to operate. uber is not commenting. alison: the city of alexandria approved its budget which comes with a property taxing crease close to six cents, which comes out to about $356 each year. many will be used for schools, al qaeda buildings, and the older buildings, and the growth of metro. jonathan:
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replacement for obamacare today, to both celebration and protest. >> welcome to the beginning of the end of obamacare. >> what, a bill that will not be accepted by the united states senate. abcthan: the latest news/washington post poll says 37% of americans are in favor of repeal, while 61% want to keep it but one it fixed. penalties fornds those without insurance, phases out the expansion of medicaid, and allow states to opt out of some requirements. senators are expected to make big changes to it. president trump riding high after the health care vote. he returned to new york city to a massive protest come his first visit act since the inauguration. a thousand extra police officers were there to protect from the crowds.
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i'm outraged he is disgracing the ship that i served on. trump also met with the prime minister of australia. trump is not staying in new york city for long. he is spending the weekend at his golf club in nearby new jersey. information about a u.s. air strike in syria back in march. an investigation found the strike hit a building that was part of a mosque complex. the pentagon has denied this claim in the past, sing steps were taken to protect civilians. jonathan: it is bigger than the campus, it is about all of us, that is the message from american university. oses on campus with bananas still has not been caught. anna-lysa gayle was at the closed door meeting. anna-lysa:
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congress are calling for the department of justice to investigate this crime inspired by hate. student leaders and university officials met to discuss ways they can prevent this from happening ever again. >> we will demand action here in washington. anna-lysa: calls for action days oner somebody held nooses the american university campus with bananas hanging from them. one had the letters "aka" them, which many believe attacked a server at the racist that then the same day new school president celebrated her first day in office as the first black student female government president. >> people are upset. >> this is bigger than me and you. this is about the human race across the world. ana-lysa: dozens attended town hall following the meeting on capitol
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talked about the offensive images with the student body. she then met with the university president and other leaders, and cameras were not allowed inside. the student government secretary said it is a step in the right direction. >> i think in the next couple weeks, we will be able to. come back with how we will improve anna-lysa: anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: now a movie-like mission to steal a college exam that backfired. two students accused of trying to steal a test at the university of kentucky. one of them actually crawled through the ceiling and lowered himself into the teacher's office. the problem is the teacher was there and caught him in the act. the students are now facing a felony burglary charge. look up knucklehead in the dictionary and see his picture. bombay sapphire gin is recalled
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in canada for having too much alcohol, nearly double the advertised amount of alcohol. officials have launched an investigation. foron: a 7 on your side parents -- you may want to think twice before your hand or phone to babies or toddlers. there is a new study that linked daily screen time to a delay in speech development. every 30-minute increase in screen time was linked to a 49% expressivesk of speech delay, which is using sounds and words. doctors say that more research is needed. jonathan: watching the storyline in d.c. tomorrow, kind of bizarre. alison: a chicken fight, literally. the health department last month asked families to get rid of chicken coops, saying they are a legal within city grounds. the families fall back and won a reprieve. there is a council hearing on the issue tomorrow. we are celebrating a win
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jonathan: the wizards like a home cooking, beating up on the 116-89, but they are still down in the series 2-1. reaction from the team coming up later and sports. two abandoned babies, two separate cases, until now. alison: 7 on your side uncovers the miraculous twist of fate that reunited two unknown sisters 43 years later. jonathan: stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain...
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alison: 7 on your side of an alexandria woman who was abandoned at earth for decades ago. jonathan: tonight, with the help of kimberly suiters, she has been reunited with nearly all of her birth family. kimberly: it took 43 years for donna massie wysong to get to this dna kit. >> and possibly learn more about my birth family. kimberly: in february 2016, 7 on your side discover details about donna's birth, abandoned, left in a dir
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marine hospital. but nothing about her birth parents who were never found. >> i questioned how somebody could leave a baby that was just born on the side of a road in a dirty rag. kimberly: half the time babies left like that don't survive. the ones who do are called and passion for this genealogical investigator. she reached out to 7 on your side after seeing our first report. donna, whod her to need it nine months to summon the courage to take the dna test. it immediately showed one of her parents was irish. >> 100% irish. kimberly: and that was important. >> it really solve the case. kimberly: in january at lead to relatives who identified her birth mother and father, and on st. patrick's day, a match for a sister, 11 months younger, and irish twin, incredibl
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abandoned. >> you have a full sibling. i'm like, this is a joke. but it was true. it was true. donna's: 18 miles from abandonment, she was left in a cardboard box at virginia beach. the sisters bonded instantly by phone, text, and facebook. days later they booked a flight and 7 on your side cameras were there when the long-lost sisters met for the very first time. >> hi! >> i love you. doing?re you kimberly: but i hung over the happy reunion. got alater, vanessa message from their biological mother, threatening to call the police if they contacted her. the pnf
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for vanessa, she has been told she looks and sounds just like the woman who left them. >> i want to be a good wife and good mama. i don't even want to be thought of as being like this person. kimberly: will they ever meet her? >> she does not even think about us, so, no, she will never get to meet us. >> i pray for her. over three days, they decades, on four comparing nearly identical baby pictures. our blinged by pure coincidence, they chose to do the dna search weeks apart, finding out they also have a brother. >> so happy. this is the best thing ever. i feel bad for the people who were abandoned in the past. this never would have happened. kimberly: now they plan to move closer together, acted the beach were both had left -- back
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the beach, where both were left and now found. kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. siblings withree their spouses and kids met for the first time just last weekend in old town alexandria. we hid the identities of some of the family members. jonathan: can you imagine finding out you have a whole other life? out more about connecting to long-lost families by going to our website, and we have information about research, at for atulationsin order retired marine corps general, who tonight was given the foundation's military courage award. ied attack and despite his injuries he started a company outfitting cars so people with disabilities like his can actually drive again. . huge congratulations it was an honor meeting him and very inspiring. alison: wow, fantastic.
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recognition. now's your chance to win big. we are giving away tickets to "dancing with the stars" live at the national harbor june 29. call the number on your screen right now and we will announce the winner a little bit later in this newscast. now, you can probably hear the rain tapping on your roof and window come and a lot more on the way overnight. tomorrow, a stormwatch 7 weather app alert day, rain has overspread the area, heavier of the d.c. chantilly, you will have heavier rain moving through the next 15, 20 minutes. around the capital beltway, light to moderate rain. by about 3 a.m., bigger changes on the way. we have a flood watch in effect for rappahannock, page, and madison counties tonight through no
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advisories for the immediate metro. means, orange, and red heavier rain. about 5 a.m. come right over the district, arlington, alexandria, montgomery county. through 7 a.m., prime rush-hour commute. julie wright will get you through the traffic on "good morning washington." and veronica will get you through the rain starting at 4:25. why abouts lifts out 9 a.m., and once that is over pop-up showersf and isolated thunderstorms during the late afternoon. not expecting anything severe. tomorrow, make sure that you have the umbrella. the heaviest rain will coincide with a rush-hour commute. things gradually improve midmorning, into the afternoon. tomorrow, highs into the 70's, a little bit of sunshine possibly late afternoon. we could have a ni s
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we get the showers out on time. don't forget to download the stormwatch 7 weather asppp. it is free and a fantastic tool to have. wo inches,s, one to t daytime highs saturday and sunday of the lower 60's. next week, looking at lower to middle 60's, near 70 degrees. jonathan: there is nothing like the joy of a child on a playground, but for one little girl there is a new meaning. alison: she is enjoying playtime with a
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rrator: "the time is to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate,
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n in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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alison: congratulations to molly justn of silver spring who with thets to "dancing stars" live at the national harbor the summer. a british girl came to school with her new prosthetic leg. thanks to the new leg coming she can now keep up with her friends when they play. alison: she had to have her leg amputated shortly after birth, and this is her first sports blade, custom-made thanks to a new government program that allows prosthetics. jonathan: she will be faster than her friends. alison: love all the hu
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jonathan: sports, this was a chippy game. alison: erin hawksworth is here with the good news. erin: you almost did not know if you were watching the stanley cup playoffs or the nba, ejections and fights. sports is next.
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local toyota dealers. dominant performance by the wizards tonight, playing very well at home, beating the celtics twice in the regular season, and they knew they would do it again tonight. earlier this month, john wall said they would be more physical, and that is exactly what we saw. usually blowouts are boring, but this was fun. it was chippy early, and early fight. this nearly starts a full out brawl. an ejection and emotions were running high. john wall had another m.v.p.-like performance. he's brain his ankle in game one, but you would never know that at all. wall finished with 24 points as the wizards beat the celtics 116-89, cutting the series lead to 2-1. the last game was not the end of the world.
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a chance to win, it was competitive. one shot away from winning the game. weknew going into this game had beat them twice on our home floor. we just played a good, solid basketball game. erin: the million-dollar question, slowing down isaiah thomas. justizards limited him to 16 points, and all-around good game by the wizards. they will try to keep it rolling in game
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alison:. rainy day tomorrow it is friday,nd so leave extra time to get to work. heavy rain in the morning, into the early afternoon. the weekend, lower 60's.
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then we warm up to about 70 by the end of the week. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next. alison: have a good night. my name is jenny doan i'm a quilter and i'm a mother and i'm a grandmother. 2008 was when all the markets crashed, we lost our retirement. hamilton was losing hope and my husband and i were losing hope. my sister and i we challenged ourselves to help figure out a way to help them. our kids bought us a quilt machine. it was very humble beginnings. we were just this cute little shop, just like everybody else. one day al came in and asked me if i wanted to do tutorials and i was like "sure honey what's a tutorial?" i had not a clue. hi everybody i'm jenny from the missouri star quilt company. youtube gave us the opportunity to really differentiate, we got to a 1,000 subscribers year one
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at mom would use in the tutorials. now we're the world's largest provider of pre-cut quilting fabric. in the beginning we were just shipping 10 orders a day. now we ship 5,000 orders a day. opening a business in hamilton kinda sparked things. we've got 14 quilt shops in town, three restaurants, a little hotel, we had over 100,000 people come to hamilton last year. we love jenny. my whole life i've always wanted to own a business. none of that would have been possible without missouri star quilt company. all i have to do is open my door and bake my goods and missouri star does the rest. youtube has enabled my family and i to bring hope to the town and to the people who live here.
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